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“Gee Atherton, I can’t believe you’re pro, I’m waaaaaay sicker than you.”

Earlier today I made fun of some screen captures from a Clay Porter/Atherton’s/Beaumont/One Industries/Gary Turner Bikes/SoCal/awkwardly-long-close-up-of-Rachel’s-shoulder-to-show-us-her-surgery-scars video. In the name of fairness, now I’m going to make fun of some screen captures from my video:

DB Welcomes Charlie to the DF5 Team from Diamondback Bicycles on Vimeo.

When the Diamondback “welcome to the team” video went public, I got all sorts of positive feedback. Of course, after watching it, it’s obvious that TEAM ROBOT is about 1000 times more awesome than you or anyone on your team.

People really seemed to like the video, the trail, the bike, and generally wanted to “show the love.” Those people are all on the kill list for their transparent emotional weakness. Fortunately, along with friends that support me and help build me up, I also have friends that say stuff like this:

“Chaz, you made a really funny face at this point… I thought you should know” -Alex Eley

Welcome to the Do Not Kill list, Alex.

On the plus side, compared with the Atherton video, at least my video didn’t suck.

3 thoughts on “Screen captures

  1. YouTube Lake osewego giant retarded mauler tries to enter his vehicle.

    This vid comes up.

  2. Dude, my Grandma could have rode the same stuff you did in that welcome video. Why didn't you throw out some of those famous whips or tables your always critiquing?
    You need to start doing some insane shit to make a NAME for yourself, bro.
    (Then you can talk shit about how everybody else sucks)

  3. that video was team-robot-hate material, THANKS FOR THE COOL DRIVING/NO RIDING SCENE! NICE GARAGE!!

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