Your current FAAG point totals

Here are your current point totals in the Fastest American After Gwin World Cup:

Neko Mullaly- 67 points

Richie Rude- 50 pts

Duncan Riffle- 45 pts

Luke Strobel- 43 pts

Curtis Keene- 38 pts

Mitch Ropelato- 37 pts

Eliot Jackson- 30 pts

Logan Bingelli- 18 pts

Kevin Aeillo- 4 pts

I think we need to get some gentleman’s wagers going on here, if anyone is interested, let me know in the comments. My bet’s on Strobel. Kyle Thomas thinks we should do a Fantasy league on Dirt, with teams and everything.

Also, if you doubt my math skills, check out page 40 of the UCI MTB rule book:

5 thoughts on “Your current FAAG point totals

  1. I was trying to find Your UCI ranking on google, but remembered they only pick the top players from each country, irregardless of pop. density.
    Still- I imagine it would have looked something like this:

    Rank Name Country
    873 Rief Josavic Iceland
    874 Timur Oaturio Malaysia
    875 Chico D'Barrio Honduras
    876 Omar Mohamed U.A.E
    877 Ogan Ishimoto Samoa
    878 Charlie Sponsel USA
    879 GT Penguins North pole

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