Hater of the year nomination

Nomination for hater of the year: Adam Ransavage.

Adam’s email address is “abortionbringsoutthekidinyou@emailserver.com” That’s cold.

Adam also joins Logan Bingelli as a board member on the “National Americans with Albinism Committee.” More specifically, Adam serves on the “Albino Subcomittee for People Who Look Like They’re 12 Years Old and Wear Crocs and Suffer From Mild Cognitive Retardation.”

Just for the record, I understand that mental retardation isn’t a laughing matter. But mild mental retardation is at least a little funny, right?

I know Rachel, I’m sorry. You are an expert after all… I saw your interview on the Daily Show the other day and you were hilarious AND insightful!

Yeah, a little. But you never really seem confortable inside your own skin. Sure, you’re always beating up on other people on television, trying to outmaneuver them and prove your chops, but it feels like we never learn who the real Rachel Maddow is. It’s like you’re always out to prove something. On your Daily Show appearance you always seemed to laugh a little too hard or too long. Jon couldn’t figure it out and it was a little off putting for the audience. It was weird. I would chalk it up to inexperience in front of the camera, but we both that you’ve been on camera a lot for the past 10 years. It’s almost like you’re not comfortable showing who the real you is, and you couldn’t tell how much of your real self you were supposed to put on the line for your Daily Show appearance, and how much you were supposed to maintain the know-it-all, tough guy facade. The funny thing is that in the end, that approach sort of makes it obvious that you desperately want to be known for the real you instead of being known by the vail of false bravado you put on when you go on stage.

And besides fake Rachel Maddow, is that the only expression you can make?