Another website to check out

For those of you who haven’t checked out my Diamondback teammates website, you really should sometime. Kyle does regular race reports, and has a couple good stories up there about our recent races at Angel Fire, Skibowl, and Silver. There are stories about victory, defeat, and the adversity that racers have to overcome at every race. Stories range from the humorous (racing to down our bottles of victory champagne on the podium), to the painful (Kyle tearing something I can neither spell or pronounce in his shoulder during his quali run at Skibowl), to the downright bizarre (hitting a deer and an elk on our drive to angelfire).

Kyle is well-written, his blog is full of pictures that move his stories along, and he is always respectful. He really is the consummate professional athlete, and his writing demonstrates this. He’s written a lot of kind things about me on his blog, even before we were teammates. He is everything a sponsor could hope for in a rider, and he has been an excellent representative for the brands for whom he rides, brands like Diamondback, Gravity, Chris King, Shimano, Fox Racing Shox, Kenda, and more brands that I could shamelessly plug that I’m also sponsored by. It goes a long way to show what it takes to be successful in this sport. If professionalism, excellence, and sportsmanship are things you value, you definitely want to check out Kyle’s blog.

If you’re anything like me, and things like that make you feel uncomfortable, inadequate, or otherwise bore the shit out of you, I recommend sticking with Team Robot.

“I smile now, but I die a little on the inside every day.” -Kyle Thomas