Some things just fit

Kicking in doors and killing everything in the room that lives or breathes; a classic pairing. On their own, either one would sort of fall flat. When paired together they make something really special.

Some pairings just work together, like whiskey and coke, Turner and Hooch, or human skulls and pneumatic robot pincers. Finding these pairings can take time, precious time. Time that your human race has less and less of every day as the robot apocalypse nears.

Fortunately, Theo from Allout Productions has done the legwork to find one pairing that always goes down smooth: Black Sabbath and Luke Strobel’s riding.

So turn off that crappy electronica BS, turn up some classic stoner metal and watch Luke rip some of the funnest trails in the world (Bromont) in one of the least funnest parts of the world (French Canuckistan/Quebexico):

Luke Strobel Pivot-Kenda DH Team from Pivot-Kenda DH Team on Vimeo.

You may be second in the FAAG rankings right now, but you’ll always be #1 in our hearts.