Team Robot Helmet Collabo

Team Robot has partnered with Fox and Rockstar to make a limited edition Fox V3r Collabo Helmet, which will be available in all standard sizes to Domestic and International markets through all Fox distributers. This exciting new Collabo helmet should be shipping any day now and will be available for purchase August 14.

This helmet does not represent an opportunity for like-minded companies to come together to stoke out riders.

We don’t feel like our core values line up and that we’re sharing the stoke with you, the consumer.

We don’t think this helmet represents the pinnacle, the zentih, or the epoch of any significant development in helmet technology, action sports lifestyle bullshit, or anything else.

Rather, Team Robot views this limited edition helmet as an exciting new way to further streamline killbot operations, as it covers many different killbot criteria in a large, easily identifiable format. Using the V3r Collabo helmet, killbots will be able to quickly identify and neutralize:

  • people who wear gaudy, annoying pink shit 
  • people who buy random products that are plastered with energy drink logos 
  • people who buy limited edition cross-branded “Collabo” products 
  • people who hang out with or live near people who wear gaudy, annoying pink shit, buy random products that are plastered with energy drink logos, or buy limited edition cross-branded “Collabo” products
Here’s another person who is helping to streamline Killbot Search and Destroy activities. Facebook has been a constant ally to the robots as we identify and neutralize line items on the kill list, and Tyler Gilsdorf is always using Facebook to fly his “KILL-LIST” banner loud and proud:
Photo courtesy of Bobby “can’t earn his way off the kill list” Stenson.

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