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Team BRObot says:

Stoked for Crankworx slopestyle this year! It’s all about progression, bro. Gonna see my boy Greg Watts do a backflip quadruple barspin this year, it’s gonna be off the HIZZook. Plus we don’t have that pussy Canadian beer, anymore. Yeah, more like Kokanee LAMEworx! We got my boys from BUD LIGHT in the hizzouse. Bud Light’s gonna hook it up, maybe some BL Lime for the ladies if you know what I mean. SICK!

Like, I didn’t really understand what this commercial is about or how it got approved by a big money ad-agency, but hey, anything with Bud Light in it is sick, am I right?

Basically, I’m pumped cuz I really think slopestyle is the, where we like, feed off each other and shit. If bros aren’t getting carted out on backboards and life support than the course wasn’t sick enough.

-Team BRObot