Luke Strobel FA/gooning

Congratulations to Luke Strobel, your World Champ FA. Luke was in the running to be FAAG World Champion, but after Aaron Gwin crashed out, Luke took the actual top FA spot. Congratulations, big guy.

“I hate you, Charlie.”

In other news, if you want to see me look like a complete goon, this recent video from Gravity definitely does the trick: Ride Gravity #3: Crankworx on Pinkbike

I’ve been spending every dollar I have on racing for a long time, and racing has taken me to some pretty incredible places and led to some incredible experiences. On the other hand I hadn’t gone on a bike trip just for fun since high school. Fortunately for Crankworx this year I had the chance to spend 10 days in Whistler and Seattle with the guys at Diamondback and Gravity, and it was pretty incredible. I actually just rode my bike for fun and hung out, and guess what? Turns out it was super fun.

Racing is still #1, but riding just for the sake of riding is pretty rad, too. It’s all about soul and shit.

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  1. Chazz, how come I didn't see your name on the Rampage Qualifiers list dawg? I thought Rampage was gonna be your platform to superstar status?? You suppose to show Gee Atherton who the new BOSS of the Mt is.

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