Kill list #145931-A

Because when you’re hoping to sell yourself as a legit Yoga instructor, co-opting someone else’s hard work as part of your brand image and blocking off 10 different lines for skateboarders in the process is the obvious way to do it. Yoga people are already on the kil list, but this is a great way to bump up a couple hundred positions on the list. I imagine this was an early morning photoshoot, so as to avoid as many skateboarders as possible, but there’s still an outside chance some drunk skateboard bum woke up in a pool of his own drool and vomit in time to institute street justice on Yogaman. Bumguy probably caught Yogaman by surprise as Yogaman was bent over in the flowering erect serpent position and then Bumguy, in a hungover haze of anger and confusion, probably beat his brains in with a set of skateboard trucks. I’m not sure that’s how it went down, but based on the stories all the drunk homeless guys at Burnside tell you when you ride there, it sounds like they’re pretty hardcore and they would totally kill you if you stepped out of line. That’s what it sounds like, anyway.

This Iphone picture brought to you by none other than Kill list #29948-B, Bob Stenson.