No seriously look at that. Some dude with a TLD helmet from ’06 and some thrashed old kit, and both boots aren’t even in the same zip as his pegs. He’s probably only got two fingertips actually contacting that bike. NFG.

Jeremy Medaglia. Perfection.

There was a good long while where Bubba was the only one who could perform a legit scrub. There was also a time where Bubba could finish a whole season of racing, and there was even a time when he didn’t tomahawk off course every race. But times change…

In mountain biking, there are really only a handful of people who can actually scrub, and I’m adding Mikey Sylvestri to that list:

1. Eliot Jackson
2. Ian Morrison
3. Brandon Semenuk (sort of)
4. Kirt Voreis
5. Everyone else that I forgot to put on this list
6. Mikey Sylvestri

Other things Mikey kills it at:

1. Helping Gwin show Minnaar what’s up in America
2. Beating local Joes at their home race, repeatedly, by 10 seconds or more
3. Hard work, determination, and team work.
3. Really long movie intros
4. Showing up to lots of domestic races this year
5. Carrying the Aiello torch with those desert issue Taliban killing five tens

Moto scrubs:

Mountain bike scrubs:

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