I don’t hate mountain biking

For a while there I was wondering if I just hated mountain biking. It seemed like there wasn’t a single new video coming out that actually made me happy. The thrill was gone. I remembered a time when watching other people ride bikes made me happy, but it just wasn’t doing it for me any more.

Today, my fears were assuaged:

When he does that massive, totally unnecessary, totally awesome high speed cutty at around 1:11, I was actually laughing out loud in the library. Really loud. People were looking at me.

I’ve been so bummed out by all the SUPER DUPER AMAZING NEXT LEVEL PROGRESSION videos that I have recoiled from anything with a hint of professionalism to it. Like the Cultural Revolution in China, I was ready to take all the MTB video guys out back and pile them up in a mass grave. I was sort of worried that all of the pain that’s been inflicted by these video guys had rendered me incapable of enjoying any high quality video. On some level, I thought that I might only be able to enjoy a video if it was shot with a Sony Handicam in mediocre light and without a tripod. But this video is actually pretty good, and even has slow mo. So it’s not about the video quality; it turns out that it’s the idea behind the video that matters.

And the moral of the story is that most video guys are trying to capture or convey really shitty ideas. It turns out that having

A) a really expensive camera
B) a lot of formal video experience, and
C) a big budget

does not indicate that you have any idea what fun is, know what mountain biking is, or are not a raging idiot. In fact, I think there’s a personality test you have to take before you can buy a Phantom Flex or a Red to make sure that you have all the personality of a piece of cardboard.

If you are making a video and you have any other purpose but to make mountain biking look fun or shred people’s faces off with drifts and hucks, then you are ruining mountain biking.

Not that all mountain bike video guys are blowing it. But most of them are.

4 thoughts on “I don’t hate mountain biking

  1. I was the rider in the video. Thank you. We thought of doing a few whips or jump footage but decided that that was not what the edit was about, and that we have seen that all too many times before. This was about throwing a bike sideways, throwing dirt, and having fun, all while staying pinned.


    P.S: There is nothing more fun than the totally unnecessary cutties.

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