Nice number plate, Slick

Sorry to say it, but that’s straight up amateur hour on the number plate on the part of Team REDBULL HELMETS PLUS DISAPPOINTING OLDER BROTHER AND THAT OTHER GUY THAT’S NOT RELATED WHO’S SHORTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE. That’s their official UCI trade team name, you probably just know them as “Atherton racing.”

Number plates do not, ever, get fastened to handlebars when you are running a dual crown fork. And I’m not making this up, it’s right there in the rule book, right next to “thou shalt run a visor” and “thou shalt not lipskid.” I think most people figure out basic number plate technique right about the same time they figure out what the brake and shift levers on your handlebars do.

Not like this:

Like this:

Plus, here’s an inside tip, G-money. In addition to proper plate positioning, I really like the number plate featured in this photo a lot more. Next time you get to pick, you should pick the “number 1” plate instead of the “number 3” plate. It’s an easier number to remember, and it looks a lot more visually clean in photos.

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