Things Canadians love

Everyone is losing their shit over the new Tom van Steenbergen video, and I am too. It’s pretty exciting when a video comes along that perfectly captures a popular film genre. Like “Double Indemnity” was to film noir, or “Rebel Without a Cause” was to the coming-of-age drama, this new film from director Harrison Mendel truly represents the high water mark of Post-Klassen Canadian Mountain Bike cinema. It’s an instant classic, and I’m sure it will be heralded as one of the greatest films of this generation of film makers. van Steenbergen :: Rise on Pinkbike

Here are some other classics from the Post-Klassen Canadian Mountain Bike film genre:

 Life Cycles; 2010.

Life Cycles; 2011.

Strength in Numbers; 2012.

“Go On,” Canadian actor Matthew Perry’s new irreverent, offbeat NBC comedy; 2012.

Together, let’s explore some of the defining elements of this burgeoning new genre as they appear in the new critically acclaimed work from Mendel:

1. Shades on while rollin in the whip:


2. Color-matched ano parts:

Also, clearly mandatory.

3. Straight line dirt jumps with bumpy ass run-ins:

Based on MXDN,  even Blake Baggett can’t handle that much sand between jumps.

Going 900 mph into your first ever double backflip? I hope you like multi-tasking, because your brains gonna be pulling double duty, putting all your downhill skills to work between the landings and the next lip. It probably took five days to make this video, but it would have taken five minutes to make that run-in look halfway decent.

4. Getting the sun in there and blowing the shit out of the shot:

Is that a 360 barspin, a flip whip, or the second coming of Christ?

Fun fact: most UFO sightings are actually Canadians overexposing their shots to get that Star Trek lens flare look:

5. That music. 

Holy shit. But seriously, what was worse, this song or the soundtrack of From The Inside Out?

TEAM ROBOT says, “AIDS or cancer.”