Mind = blown

Unfortunately this video is ineligible for VOD on Pinkbike because when Petr’s poppin wheelies with the horses he’s running a Red Bull hat instead of a helmet.

But I hope that doesn’t disbar it from Video of the Year, because this is the best 3 minutes you will see in all of 2012 and 2013, guaranteed. Whoever made this video for Red Bull should get hired as their lead creative director, because he is a straight up genius who is transforming cinema.

Like the recent Van Steengerburgeners video “RISE,” or “SRAM: Reece Wallace: Versatility,” even mediocre mountain bike web edits are getting EPIC names to show how SERIOUS they are. Somehow this video masterpiece escaped without a name, but if it had one, it would obviously be:


I’ve already watched “White Stallion” fives times, and as I’m watching it it’s slowly dawning on me that I’m gonna have to start canceling plans for the rest of the weekend so I can free up some time really marinate in this masterpiece. I can’t put my finger on any one thing that makes “White Stallion” so good, but here’s my top ten impressions, in literally no order whatsoever:

8. The auto-tuned eagle “caaaaaaw” at 0:30. Inspired. 

9. That eagle caw is immediately followed by a sweet, slo-mo skid that would make Clay Porter shit himself envy. ONE TWO PUNCH, I CAN’T HANDLE THIS UCH AWESOME RED BULL.

4. “White Stallion” probably cost a lot to produce, but whatever they spent it was worth it. Thousands of dollars, maybe $10000+ to produce, but this is worth millions. People are going to be kicking in the doors of their local 7-11’s to buy Red Bull after watching this. Since watching it, I’ve already started boiling red bull in a table spoon and mainlining it between my toes. After “White Stallion,” I need Red Bull now.

7. Whatever the breakdown was that happened at 1:13, with the lightning and the rocks falling and the leaves rustling and the water, that was amazing. Like, I think I just reached a new spiritual awakening. 

2. I like to imagine that the filmers, riders, and the guys back at the editing sweet are all stoked on how this turned out. Like, when they watched the final cut together they all leaned back in their chairs and talked about how badass they are.

5. Eastern Europeans dig the shit out of this video, guaranteed.

1. Straight up burnout laying down the power on the MTB at 1:30.

6. I could watch this twenty times and I’d still see new stuff every time. The details are what make “White Stallion” so good.

10. Red Bull really should just rename themselves “White Stallion.” I would drink “White Stallion” day and night. What? That doesn’t sound gay at all.

3. Whoever picked the music nailed that shit. Sometimes when I’m just browsing the web, I’ll start “White Stallion” on another tab just so I can jam to that music.

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