From the desk of some genius named "Anonymous"

This gem of a question comes to us from the comment section of the last article, “From the desk of Ben Furbee:”

“does steve peat not use “ett”?
i thought leaning your bike to the side engaged the side knobs on your tire creating more grip. explain”

This brings me to an important point: if you’re going to leave comments on TEAM ROBOT, don’t do it as “anonymous.” At least have the decency to invent some stupid pseudonym so I can try to guess who you are. It’s funner for everyone involved, and as a bonus it makes you look like less of a internet coward. And I know a thing or two about cowardess on the internet, after all I invented a fake online persona so I can make fun of people I never met. You’re welcome.

Back to Sheffield’s riding: a lot of people would point to Steve’s body position, or side knob engagement, or perhaps they might look at where his center of mass is as a way to answer this question. But I’ll give you a quick test to see if you’re using Exaggerated Turning Technique (ETT) or Actual Turning Technique (ATT):

Question 1: Do you have these five colors all over your bike?

Question 2: Did someone else pay you to have these five colors all over your bike?

If you answered yes to both these questions, you’re probably a world champion, and you’re probably using ATT.

I hope this has been clarifying for everyone.