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Home garage of the guy who sent me that eagle/duck/America picture in the last post, Luc “Acadian” Albert.

Nice home shop, Luc, but with a nickname that sounds that much like “Canadian,” you’d better get comfy on the KILL LIST with everyone else.



“Hello Jean-Luc,
It is my pleasure to know you here…
It is ok to to make 650b rims and 26″ wide rims in stronger version. We can add some more carbon fiber to improve the strength for you. The production weight for 650b wide rim is 375g+/-15, stronger version is around 400g/pcs The production weight for 26er wide rim is 365+/-15, stronger version weight is around 400g/pcs
Is it ok for you? If yes, we can make invoice for you.
Thanks, Light-bicycle”

Buying Carbon rims from Light Bicycle is like responding to this Craigslist personal listing: Only for the brave.

Old News:

First of all, make sure to skip past all the talking. It goes on for three whole minutes, which in internet time might as well be eternity. “Blah blah blah it was so cool we found a bowl to ride it was so amazing because we’ve never seen a bowl before blah blah blah.”
Guess what? Not impressed. So they find some random bowl in BFE Portugal (which, to my understanding, is all of Portugal), and we’re supposed to just drop everything and lose our minds as if they just discovered the Ark of the Covenant or the Holy Grail or some other item of conquest featured prominently in an Indiana Jones movie. Not gonna happen.

And what do we get in terms of riding? Straight airs. I stuck in there and watched the whole five minutes because it’s Ruben, and I felt like I owed him that, but in the end I felt like I got robbed. I don’t watch five minutes of video to see straight airs; after the one minute mark I need roost or explosions or chicks mud wrestling or someone dying else I’m turning that shit off like a domestic auto brand production line in the 80’s.

To me, that bowl was old news. Aaron and I already played that level in Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX on the playstation at his mom’s house when I was, like, 15 or something. Plus Aaron was cranking quadruple Saran-Wraps 30 feet above coping, so Ruben’s straight airs fall a little flat.

If you look hard you can find the Ruben bowl back there, right behind the endless rail, the water slides, and the High School parking lot level

Trying to pass that old news as some huge mind blowing discovery? Pretty weak, Fox Head. And while we’re on the topic, here’s something else that’s bugged me for a while: why is your company called Fox Head in the first place? I get that there are probably lots of other companies named Fox, but in my minds eye adding “Head” onto the end does not add a whole lot of clarity. Trying to figure out what “Fox Head” is, and the best I can figure is it’s what this guy gets from the misses after returning home from another harsh tour of duty:

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