Congratulations Dan Atherton

“The 4th annual Asia Pacific Challenge took place a couple of weeks ago in Bandung, Indonesia and Dan Atherton (GBR/GT Bicycles) proved that he can still race a downhill bike. Atherton pedalled his way to victory ahead of teammate Marc Beaumont and American Specialized rider Mitch Ropelato in third.”

-Photo and text by Fraser Britton

This is the best thing I’ve seen in months. After a long recovery and a slow fade away from racing downhill, winning a race out of nowhere is pretty badass. Downhill is freaking hard, and Marc and Mitch are not slow, so way to go Dan. Sure, this is just a random festival race, and who knows what this “means” for the 2013 race season. I’m not trying to do race predictions here, I just know that if I was Dan I would be pretty freakin pumped on this.

Plus, now that you have something to smile about, maybe you can try smiling in, like, any of your pictures:

Text stolen from this article:

All photos stolen from Google Image search. Probably 90% of those images are from Sven Martin.

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