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How to ride a motorcycle:

 How not to ride a motorcycle:

 I don’t understand the desire to make this machine. Is this supposed to be an improvement on the motorcycle? Is this just to be cute and different and interesting? Is it just because you figured out the physics and you think it can be done? Do you honestly think you will make money selling these?

TEAM ROBOT does not understand your puny human thought processes. Nonetheless, the ecoboomer, the segway, any of these self balancing vehicles can still have an automated machine gun bolted on top of it to seek and destroy your human kind when the apocolypse comes.

Death will come in all forms.

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  1. Dammit charles. Mankind finally makes a mobile toilet with handlebars and you don't even have the class to give that the props it deserves. Your retirement just got way more awesome and you don't even know it.

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