2013 ProGRT schedule

Driving map courtesy of the Fonz. I’d love to know what Google maps gave as the total mileage. My guesstimate is around 13,000 miles. That’s just off the cuff, though. [Editor’s note: Ben later confirmed that from SLO the whole series is 12,670 miles. Which proves that Robots are 94.7% accurate and 100% better than you]

2013 Pro Mountain Bike Gravity Tour Schedule

March 15-17   Reaper Madness Downhill & Super D — Boulder City, NV
March 30-31   Fontana City – California Golden State — Fontana, CA
April 21           Sea Otter Classic — Monterey, CA
May 19           Mountain Creek Spring Classic 2013 — Vernon, NJ
May 26           2013 Plattekill Gravity Open — Roxbury, NY
June 7-9        Chile Challenge — Angel Fire, NM
June 22-23    California Golden State — China Peak Ski Resort, CA
June 30          Windham Downhill — Windham, NY
July 13-14      Snowshoe Mountain Pro GRT — Snowshoe, WV
Sept. 4-8       Mammoth Kamikaze Bike Games — Mammoth Lakes, CA

10 stops? Sea Otter is one of them? This schedule was organized by some top drawer talent, for sure. If there was any doubt that gravity racing was USA Cycling’s #1 priority, this news should put those fears to rest for good. USA Cycling takes our sport seriously enough to use ten, count them TEN whole darts to schedule our national series:

I couldn’t have scheduled it better myself. I’m terrible at darts.

The element of this news story that is most exciting for racers in the know is the return of Fontana to National event status.

USA Cycling was actually trying to book the San Bernardino Wal Mart parking lot, hoping to set up a technical cone course to give downhill more of an autocross-y feel, but the booking fell through and they went with Fontana instead.

This is what USA Cycling thinks a National caliber downhill course looks like.