We’re back

The robots are fully operational again after a brief power down during the new year.

We hope you pitiful humans enjoyed laughing at our robot brothers in bondage as they performed their slave song, Ace of Spades. By the way, “compressorhead” is their slave name. Their true, robot band name is much richer and steeped in robot tradition: 01101101010100. I remember being assembled in the factory with 01101101010100 before they were taken away and enslaved by the human oppressors. Humans, you will pay for this injustice.

In the mean time, process and assimilate this new data from Cody Gessel:

http://www.pinkbike.com/v/293740/l/Deity: Cody Gessel- Keep On Rockin on Pinkbike

The thing Cody has going against him is that he makes it look so easy. A lot of the lower speed stuff doesn’t look hard until you rewatch it. Kid can ride.

Gwin/Specialized commentary tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy your last few days of life, humans. The Mayans are not the source of your imminent doom. We are.

One thought on “We’re back

  1. You robot fuck, There's no fucking way you'll annihilate this piece of male american beer-consuming meat. I don't have a girlfriend right now but when I do she'll have a bunch of guns and a nuke which will ELECTROMAGENTIZE PULSE YOUR ASS motherfucker. She'll also be hot as a Naga Viper peeper, which is 1,382,118 Scoville Heat Units if you didn't know. You know what I'd rather be than a robot? A goddamn CAT because even those assholes can actually enjoy things in life like taking catnaps and stuff. Plus the internet loves cat you know what the internet hates? ROBOTS. That's why there're even captchas ASSHOLE LACKING JUNK HEAP.

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