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At TEAM ROBOT we’re proud of the tight bond we’ve formed with our readers, and we like to think our high standards and the consistently high quality of writing on TEAM ROBOT will keep our loyal readers coming back. The two comments featured below come from one of these loyal readers, a user referring to himself as “WhiskeyGinger.”

On the Cody Gessel video:

You robot fuck, There’s no fucking way you’ll annihilate this piece of male american beer-consuming meat. I don’t have a girlfriend right now but when I do she’ll have a bunch of guns and a nuke which will ELECTROMAGENTIZE PULSE YOUR ASS motherfucker. She’ll also be hot as a Naga Viper peeper, which is 1,382,118 Scoville Heat Units if you didn’t know. You know what I’d rather be than a robot? A goddamn CAT because even those assholes can actually enjoy things in life like taking catnaps and stuff. Plus the internet loves cat you know what the internet hates? ROBOTS. That’s why there’re even captchas ASSHOLE LACKING JUNK HEAP.

On the “Quitters never win” skateboard disappointment:

You know what, you metal junk heap? We already know that humans never quit AND THAT’S WHAT MAKES US HUMAN. We giver fewer fucks about actually getting shit done than a toilet who enjoys being sat on. I tore my ACL learning 180s to halfcab and I STILL FUCKING LEARNED THAT SHIT just because I wanted to. No fucks given. I’m watching blade runner while writing this, and you know what? In the future, ROBOTS GET THEIR FUCKING ASSES KICKED by Harrison Ford. You don’t have a chance, you piece of rewired orthodonture and old telephones. Harrison Ford is going to come and fucking retire your ass.

2 thoughts on “Our fans

  1. Anyone who thinks that sitting on Reddit all day will prepare them for the robot apocalypse will be the first to die. Gingers are basically target practice before real people get taken out. A drunk ginger who spends all day on the internet? The robots won't even warm up their CPU's before you're dead.

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