The entire population at the Whistler jump park

And every rider in every video Nick Genovese has every made.

“The Malaysian government has released guidelines to help parents ascertain whether their sons are gay. According to these officials, one of the “telltale signs” for determining this is to pay attention to whether your son wears V-neck sweaters. If he likes V-necks “or sleeveless T-shirts,” there is a good chance he’s gay. Also, “teenagers who wear tight, light colored clothes” over a “chiseled physique” tend to be gay as well, according to officials.”

I noticed that the article doesn’t mention color matched zero rise Race Face bars, but I’m guessing that’s on a different page of the original Malaysian guideline document.

3 thoughts on “The entire population at the Whistler jump park

  1. I think you are mistaken….they wanted to point out that Gravity bars are a telltale sign of loving the cock – but who the fuck rides Gravity parts anyways. Fluor yellow bars are so so fresh….

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