Damn son

http://cdn4.mobilerider.com/assets/js/mr/embed/mobilerider.min.jsmobilerider.embedVideo(2438,64590,”,640,360,’universal’, {extras:’skin:theskateboardmag,autoplay:0,continuous:1,autohide:1,vs:1′});

If your face isn’t completely melted off by the pocket air 450 to slide out thing (it was absolutely retarded, whatever you want to call it), then stick around because it’s one solid minute of facemelt.

Also, correct music choice. Not just good, but objectively correct.

3 thoughts on “Damn son

  1. I agree with Ben, who is the smartest best person my dad ever let set foot on this Earth. He truly understands skateboarding and is 100% correct in his holy choice of Pedro Barros being a better skater than whatever his name is in the video you posted.


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