The Legend of Lacava: Part III

Paul is officially going off the deep end with this Facebook post yesterday:

“If it has two wheels, i will jump it. Any type of bike. I don’t care. About to try and hit the roof here. Bikes are meant to fly!!”

I’m sure Paul just finished watching Life Cycles with his non-riding friends before dropping that wisdom on us all. It’s the moral equivalent of your stoner friends who dropped out of their architecture degrees watching “A Beautifcul Mind” with you and deciding that they’re going to, like, dedicate their lives to, like, making some mind-blowing mathematical discovery or some shit, even though they hated math and barely passed Mrs. Steele’s sophomore Geometry class. But no, dude, their big discovery is going to, like, end poverty and crime and war and nuclear weapons, too. And make Doritos.

Sweet dude.

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