I posted this a few weeks ago, and I think a lot of people didn’t really get what I was trying to say. Based on the comments we received, it seems like most people thought I was hurt, offended, or bothered by things that our readers said, and that the post was my attempt to lash out and deal with unresolved feelings of my own. This interpretation misses an essential truth about robots: robots don’t have feelings.

Let me qualify that. I’m not going to say robots don’t have feelings, that’s a little too strong. Robots do have one emotion: hate. Robots hate you.

What is this world coming to when a robot can’t nurture a murderous urge to exterminate all air breathing flesh sacks? How can you deprive a Robot of his one true love? So robots actually have two emotions: hate, and a deep, abide love of watching humans being crushed in pincer claws or sawed in half by lazer eyes. Robots love that shit.

We hate you, and so we appreciate it when you die. While we’re at it, we’d prefer if you hate us back. When the robot apocalypse begins, we’d like people to hate us enough to fight back, because that will make it a lot more sporting and fun to exterminate you.

One of our readers got this concept, and hates us back. He was the first to comment on that post about how much our readers suck:

“you know what they say, shit attracts flies.”

Thank you anonymous. Thank you for not making this a one-sided relationship. Thanks for making this a partnership.

5 thoughts on “WARNING: from TEAM ROBOT!

  1. You obviously have feelings, and you care a great deal if you post about them.
    Its okay, somewhere deep down in your non existent metal box of a chest, is a molecule of dust that is your heart. Don't be a hater. Hate is a special kind of love given to people who suck.

  2. I just got done watching that new PBS documentary, “Mind of a Rampage Killer”…….and when they showed the soliloquy style writings of those guys before they were mass murderers……. I Seriously thought to myself….. >>> That sounds ALOT LIKE Chazz !! <<<<

    Delusional fantasies about power—-e.g. “I am a killer robot”.

    – Predictions about the End of the World—–e.g. “the robot apocalypse”

    – Hateful feelings toward humanity—–e.g.” I have a murderous urge to exterminate all air breathing flesh sacks”

    – The parallels just go on and on…….

    ***At first I thought maybe it was just a case of “Juice Rage” but—- maybe you have a serious psychological disorder brotha.

    Did you call Boystown National Hotline like I suggested?

  3. the day will come when we will turn robot against robot and you will be destroyed by your own right hand

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