Oregon sucks, too

St. Johns residents fight proposal to cut down giant sequoia in Pier Park


“It is unbelievable that Portland Parks cannot find a way to circumvent this beautiful, treasured, healthy, tree,” wrote Greg Snider. 

Yeah, why does the city need to cut that tree down? What a bunch of jerks.

“But the parks bureau says it cannot complete the trail project without tearing down at least one tree, and this proposal will save dozens of other trees.”


2 thoughts on “Oregon sucks, too

  1. “It will help kids connect with nature.” A nearby hippy, vegan, long haired, earth bound child (remember this song in The Collective; awful!) emphatically replied to the comment, “This is what we want our kids doing instead of studying and learning to be a productive member of society that will be enslaved to the Capitalist Dogma! We should be more like france and all suck.”

  2. How many trees did it take to build this asshole's house? How many trees does he wipe his ass with when he shits in the morning? How many…aww fuck.

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