Paul Lacava/Danny Hart

As you know, THE LEGEND is a big fan of everything Giant. If Giant made a blue tutu, gave it a three letter acronym to describe the tutu’s proprietary benefits, and had Danny Hart wear it once in a “training video,” THE LEGEND would be wearing it everyday, espousing it’s benefits and talking about how it bumped up his power meter readings and raised his lactic threshold and how many more kilojoules he can produce.
Pretty much anything Giant-related that Paul shares is likely going to be mediocre, unexciting, and unexceptional, other than the fact that it has a Giant logo on it or Danny Hart in it. Whether it’s a video, picture, interview, or story, it’s probably not worth clicking.

This is not one of those pictures. This is one of the most legit bermsliders ever seen, and the kid is running clips. You probably can’t throw a barturn clipped in. Just to put this in perspective:

Based on our most recent estimates, Danny Hart is roughly 900% better than your team.

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