3 thoughts on “Washington sucks

  1. Humans are crazy! At the Washington House of Representatives… “Let's create a tax that is largely symbolic to make it seem like cyclists are paying their way for bike-specific initiatives (this would make them pay for the crap legislation). Yeah that sounds totally 'tubular', the young people will especially 'dig' that largely symbolic part because they are so sensitive, culturally aware and understand the true needs of cyclists. All of us elected representatives know that people will love this initiative because they so enjoy to pay the government to do a mediocre to below average job at everything!”

  2. They have to invent a little sticker, have your register for it, track which of you they gave them to, and then renew that process annually? The cost of administration will exceed the weensie $25 collected.

    So they're flushing real dollars down the toilet for symbolic effect.

    I guess that means legislative sessions in Washington have devolved to performance art.

    No. Bad metaphor. You can choose not to see performance art and nobody will send a bill or arrest you.

    Hmm. What's lower than performance art?

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