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31.5 pounds. That’s not very much. I’m sure it’s something else when you pick up a 31.5 pound downhill bike for the first time. But it raises a good question. What would you rather have:

A) a 31.5 pound downhill bike, or

B) a 33 pound downhill bike that’s not covered in superlight cheesedick parts

Let’s just review:

  • FlowEX rims
  • SIXc cranks
  • Tioga Tragedy saddle
  • Vivid Air
  • And he’s replacing the Hayes Primes with XTR trails and carbon rotors. Yeah, 203mm carbon rotors are a thing. I’m sure they work great though…
AKA a complete fairy bike. Downhill bikes are still for downhilling, right? Last time I checked, things like turning and absorbing bumps and braking were kind of a big part of downhilling. I know a lot of people will say “yeah but Charlie the Vivid Air is really amazing for an air shock.”
Yeah. It is really amazing for an air shock. It’s phenomenal for an air shock. It’s *almost* a coil shock, it’s so close. But it’s still a compromise. There’s really no arguing that; it IS a compromise. Choosing a Vivid Air means you are compromising suspension performance to save weight. Sacrificing out and out suspension performance to shave weight makes sense in a lot of applications, but if you already have the lightest downhill frame in the history of the universe and your bike will still weigh seven pounds less than your last one, coil or no, what’s the problem with running a coil?
As far as I’m concerned, if you’re running a new all carbon V10, you could give two shits whether or not you’re running a steel spring or ti spring, led alone putting an air shock on there. If you’re running a Vivid Air on a new 7 pound carbon downhill frame, you should just wear a jersey that says
I care more about weighing my bike than riding it.

And that’s what putting on SIXc cranks or FlowEX rims say about you when you put them on your downhill bike, unless you weigh 130 pounds, and then you’re still probably a tool. I’m not saying that any of those parts are bad parts. Except the Tioga saddle, that thing is an atrocity. But other than the Tioga saddle, those are all good parts. I’m just pointing out that a lot of them don’t belong on a bike that was made to do this:
TEAM ROBOT: fighting the fight to keep downhill bikes downhill bikes.

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  1. Wow good stuff! As an idiot who rides and races a 47ish pound bike, all this trying to turn your DH bike into a XC bike blows my mind. I guess I'm just jealous and bitter cause I'm too poor to ever own a bike like this and too slow to ever get one for free.

  2. I am flattered that you chose to highlight my bike build on your website! Just wanted to correct you on a couple things however so it is at least accurate. It is actually 31.09 lbs not 31.5 lbs and yes I do plan on changing somethings to make it even lighter. All of the parts chosen for the build are designated for DH riding except for the seat but lets face it you wont be setting on it anyways and its cheap. It just happens that I took the time to find some of the lightest parts available on the market (non of which have a weight limit on them). Sorry if you think that is stupid or maybe just a little bit envious. I built this bike up as a project to see how light I could get the new Santa Cruz V10.5 built up while still using DH grade parts for the most part. It is my race bike so why not have some fun and make it light? Also I will be riding this bike almost every weekend I am not racing at one of the steepest and rockiest places on the east coast just like I did my last build that most of these parts came off of. It is called Windrock Mtn in Oliver Springs, TN. Here is a link if you ever want to come check it out. You are completely correct that DH bikes are still for downhilling. Things like turning and absorbing bumps and braking. That's why I have nice breaks, big rotors, stiff handle bars and top notch suspension. Is the Vivid air lighter than a coil shock. Of course it is. Does it suit my riding style (yes I do ride bikes)you bet it does. I find it just as plush as a coil when set up right only it pedals better and is excellent on the small bump compliance. Why wouldn't I take advantage of all those features in a light weight package? Also if you could hook me up with one of those jersey's you talked about that would be sweet! I promise to wear it every time I ride my bike and race it. You can even put your website on there to get more readers!

    Happy Trails,


  3. Your article was really spot on because I agree that anyone who has stuff I don't have or stuff I don't like is stupid(!) and must suck cocks. This RJ guy is so gaytarded, he even thinks you can be a downhiller in TN. You know what they say about TN? Its gay and people who go there and ride light downhill bikes are fucking gay assholes who suck. HAHA! Fuck you RJ, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. I too hate you so much because this guy hates your bike and we all disagree with what you want to ride. I will fight you if we ever meat, (that is why I post anonymoose). And airshocks? More like airsucks (my dick). Man, next time you build a bike, why dont you just kill yourself instead because you can't build them like a guy who blogs under the pseudonym of a team of space robots. Space robots are super cool, teams of them are even cooler, carbon bikes are for pedophiles.

  4. Anonymous is a pussy! RJ would skull fuck your nerdy ass! I think RJ builds a bad ass bike and you fucking ass munchers wouldn't know a good bike…maybe you should challenge RJ to a race. Then we will see who's bike is better!

    Build whatever bike you want RJ!

  5. I guess I miss the point(s): why you give two shits what someone else rides and why judge who they are based on that bike? If someone wants to ride a freaking tricycle downhill, so what? Teamrobot seems too threatened by what others choose.

  6. This is all fucking great, the original blog post and RJ's retort. Btw, not sticking up for RJ because he does that just fine by himself but dudes farthest thing from a douche as a business owner, racer, and most importantly ride that you'll meet.

  7. First off this is all SUPER GAY! I ride a 2005 Kona Stinky Deluxe and I bet I am faster than all of you combined!!! Downhill is about the 3 D's. Dirt, Downhill, and Dirty skank ass hoes! You don't need a fancy bike to go fast bro, it's called gym time! Do any of you even lift? I'm lifting RIGHT NOW! Carbon is for lame ass shaved leg roadies and faggots. I'd ride steel everything if I could bro's it's legit! Anybody with anything carbon is a cum dumpster, especially carbon rims! I hope you all burn in hell for your gayness. Jesus is LORD bro!

  8. If we combined our times then our times would be calculated like days on survivor and you would be faster…..oh shit. Wait a minute. I see what you did there. Nice one Gilligan

  9. Fuck you bro I do lift! And I'll whoop your ass on my sesh 9.9 name the time and place you punk bitch!

  10. Doesn't matter I'm still faster than you RJ! I've won 2 national championships!

  11. Out-of-control, kamikaze mountain bikers often descend trails at speeds so fast they can't avoid hikers, so be prepared to avoid them. Listen for the whistle created by air screaming through their spokes.



    That is all.

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