More t-shirt ideas

Two more idea’s from Sneeky Pete, or as I like to call him Superfan. Pete posts about three times more comments than our second place insecure friend internet commenter who lives out his frustrating, failed life vicariously on our site, Bob:
Seriously Pete, if commenting on TEAM ROBOT was cool, then you’re Miles Davis. Thanks.

Yeah, it’s beer sombrero, or a Sombeero as I like to call it. That’s thanks to Kyle at Chris King, who I still haven’t returned the Sombeero to.

Pete, I like where your heads at, but we’re probably not going to print any t-shirts that say “FUCK YOU” in giant block letters on the front. While those two words are essentially the TEAM ROBOT mission statement, we try to use a more subtle, nuanced dance of language and wit to communicate the point.

Like snakes biting some dude’s face:

Maybe this should just be our next shirt.

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