You know the surest way to get a downhill trail plowed?

Build wooden stuff.

This isn’t in response to anything recent. I was just rereading this old article/interview with Zach Jarrett @ BLM (the guy in charge of the legal and federally funded awesomeness that is Sandy Ridge) that addressed the closure of the Marmot Dam downhill trails (which were sweet and close in to town). What stands out above everything else in the interviews, in the photos, and in my memory, is that the trail and its presence in the area was nbd until people started building wooden shit.

Don’t build wooden shit.

One more time: don’t build wooden shit.

“What?” you ask. Oh, allow me to repeat myself: Don’t build wooden shit.

That is all.

3 thoughts on “You know the surest way to get a downhill trail plowed?

  1. Since I am also a local, Chazz, I'll let you in on a little known FACT.

    A large part of the reason those trails got plowed/shut down was because a certain group of Shuttling Douche bags, half drunk, and being loud and obnoxious – “intimidated” and or “insulted” some old dudes who were passing by late one afternoon.

    Those old dudes turned out to be supervisors for PGE, who knew exactly who to call to have those trails shut down. This happened a few days after the “Underground” (unsanctioned/illegal) races.

    So the REAL lesson here is don't fuck with passers by, cuz you never know who they are, or who they might call.

  2. What Zach fails to mention, is that he gave permission to the builders to build “according to whistler standards” which was interpreted by a very overzealous and “highly” ambitious trail steward as “less than 10 ft off the ground”
    i just sessioned it, cuz as you know, i only build in places where there are endangered animals crossing a highway. in a stream. that runs across the highway.

  3. Casual flesh, your comment is nonsensical, poorly punctuated, cryptic and vague, please be more clear.

    Secondly, who is this character on the orange bike?

    He seems fairly responsible for the closing if theses images are indeed of said woodwork at Marmot.

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