Death by trails

Thanks for sending me this, Bob. One spot lower on the kill list.

This is the sort of spot where you’re either a local, you’re Brian Foster, or you die. And I don’t mean the locals kill you if you ride there, I mean that unless you’re there digging week in, week out, walking the terrain constantly until you know every inch of the trails by memory, or unless you’re BF and you possess dark magic or unicorn blood or whatever he has that allows him to do anything on a bicycle with his eyes closed, then you will surely die riding these trails.

Besides being absolutely instant-death massive, I’ve never in my life seen such a concentration of blind jumps, weird transfers, and turning jumps in one trail spot ever. On the helmet cam, you can’t even spot most of the landings until dudebro with the helmet cam is landing. There are maybe two jumps on the whole video that are straight and offer good visibility. Even most of the straight jumps are overgrown, and coming into the lips you can’t see whether the next gap is 15 feet or 30.

That’s not small. Yes, that’s a six foot tall landing way out there.

Death by trails.

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