Sea otter road trip diary

I don’t think I’ve ever stopped, slept in a hotel, and ridden my bike on the way to a race ever. The standard team robot approach is to drive straight through day and night at murder pace because we all had school or jobs or both to get back to. We only stopped for gas, so if you were hungry and you couldn’t find a restaurant when we stopped, you ate gas station corn dogs or starved until the next gas stop 600 miles later.

This trip I’m riding down to the Otter with my boss at Diamondback, and it’s a whole other program. I slept on a bed for eight hours, not in the back of a car for 2 hours on a makeshift bed of spare tires, sleeping bags, and folding lawn chairs, in between driving shifts. I feel rested and comfortable. It’s super weird.

Anyway, Ashland was rad. They have sweet trails that go right into town. The dirt is sandy and sticky and the gription coefficient is off the charts. Rode with Brandon at Freehub Mag and got our drift on. Stoked.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that traveling like this is throwing off my whole pre-race routine and I’m going to have my worst result ever.