Ten things we learned from the new NS Bikes Prototype In Action video.

1. Poland sucks.
2. ixs helmets suck more than Poland.

3.we have all been clamping carbon bikes into work stands wrong for some time now, and apparently under utilizing the ball end of allen wrenches.

4. ns bikes needs to get Chazz riding for them. now hear me out, they have a proto dh bike being developed by a mid pack racer that’s regularly loosing by 13 seconds to guys on evils. Chazz has been doing that for the past couple of seasons.
5.poland sucks.
6. norco paint job plus commencal\fsr equals sales.

7.is marzocchi out of business yet?
8.putting a CaneCreek Double Barrel band aid on cancer doesn’t make it go away.
9.if your bike doesn’t have an integrated seatpost clamp you shouldn’t be riding.
10.you could say that poland is the New Jersey of Europe but thats not true because anywhere in America is a hundred times better than poland.