The "Don" is still better than you.

outside of proving the fact that Downhillers who don’t make it can just retire to “enduro”, Neil kills it with this video.
Black Jeans check
the Stooges check
flat pedals check
stupid wheels check
all the elements are there for a fun little video.
oh yeah and Neil is a badass on any bike.(most notebly a shitty Azonic recoil from about 2002)
all he needs now is a redbull helmet and no personality, a full season of getting his ass kicked by nameless french guys and he can be the UK’s Curtis Keene.

3 thoughts on “The "Don" is still better than you.

  1. 1. I agree with bobby.

    2. The recoil he was riding was a decent bike. Only because it was a carbon copy of a then-modern M1 (Horst/FSR link and all). I owned one back in the day. It was probably straighter and better made than the Intense. Haha.

    3. Enduro is stupid.

    4. The don is cool because of his section in Sprung 5 where they are riding furniture towed behind a car.

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