Can we just mercy kill Ellsworth already?

Ellsworth bikes look even worse than they ride, well maybe that’s a little harsh they look like a broken mspaint abortion of a kids crayon drawing of a mountain bike, and they ride like an Ellsworth mountain bike from the 90’s.

its like AIDS and Cancer got together via “pinkbike chat” and were all like “hey bro lets totally make a bike company” and they did, but that was 67 years ago, and they have been making the SAME god awful bike over and over again year after year.

we at TEAM-ROBOT in an unprecedented act of mercy take pity on Elsworth bikes. Allowing them to kill themselves before the robot apocalypse and save us all a lot of trouble.

5 thoughts on “Can we just mercy kill Ellsworth already?

  1. Shaums March- Snoqualmie. The last time Ellworth was rad.

    Since then: Von Williams. Bender. GAPER/HUCKERS.

  2. If I'm not mistaken Ellsworth is owned by a mormon which says a lot with all their retarded bicycle designs and high frame failure rate. Like the mormons Ellsworth clearly do not believe in evolution as they haven't changed in years.

  3. Just a bunch of haters hating on a bike they probably never ridden. Get off your ass and actually go ride a few of their bikes before you start talking nonsense.

    Frame failure rate – google specialized frame failure and see how many picture pop up of failed frames from specialized.

    Busting on a religion just shows how ignorant people still are in this world.

    Bike company in business 67 years… False you retard – try since early 90's. You were close though…not.

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