My heart died today

Burgtec, the ultimate NFG fad-ignoring company that built cool shit to survive the apocalypse, today sacrificed their integrity to the Enduro gods today and made an “Enduro stem.” Which in the parlance of eras past would have been known as “a 50mm stem.”

Also, in a move that is equally shocking but even more devastating to their loyal fan base, Burgtec announced their already stellar pedal will no longer be made out of solid unbreakable 22mm thick dick-crushing aluminum, it will now be made out of flimsy trend-whoring weak pussy-ass 17mm thick aluminum.

We salute you, Burgtec. You had a great run.

One thought on “My heart died today

  1. Friend of mine wrote me a funny email “I did not know Azonic was ahead of its time, making enduro stems in the 90's” lol'z

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