The bummer report: Fort Bill Edtion

Here’s who didn’t qualify at Fort William this weekend:

85. Kevin Aiello. Insert typical World Cup result for an American joke here.

87. Ivan Oulego Moreno. I don’t know who old this guy is, but he’s somewhere between Steve Peat and Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

90. Bernat Guardia Pascal

93. Isak Levisson. 12th at Norway last year.

95. Dan Stanbridge. He’s not Ben Reid, so no one really cares.

100. Kirk McDowall If Kirk didn’t make the cut then either A) he had problems or B) it was freaking insanely fast at Fort Bill this year

119. Bas Van Steenbergen (faster than me)

124. Graeme Pitts (Also faster than me)

133. Bernardo Cruz. In Downhill Domination whips give you extra points, but not in Fort Bill.

144. Jack Reading. Also super fast. Flat tire? Crash? Who knows.

148. WynTv: flat tire

149. Marcus Pekoll. I think his best result is a tenth at… Val di Sole maybe? Anyway, he’s way too fast to not qualify. Flat tire maybe?