Australia now owns Bromont.

Bromont Canada has been under attack by Australia for some time now, see Earthed 1 Team MadCatz destruction, and years later in Earthed 5 by Sam Hill. But ownership of the area was still debated by some, until now. young ozzy, Connor Fearon has officially made Bromont the property of Australia.

Video of the event below.
Wild Connor Fearon Edit a Mountain Biking video by veeae

One thought on “Australia now owns Bromont.

  1. You know what's better than that? Slayer coming to my town tonight, and me going to see them.
    Off topic I know, but it's Slayer. Or 1/2 Slayer, 1/4 Exodus and 1/4 Testament.
    Fucking sweeter than trick nuts to the ballsack.

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