So enduro

Enduro: breathing new life into the careers of mediocre downhillers everywhere.
On the plus side, the first Cascadia Dirt Cup was pretty rad. I’m pretty pumped to get second, but I’ve got to give credit where credit’s due: Matt Slaven absolutely walked away with the win. Three stage wins (out of three), including setting the all-time record down Thrillium. Total animal.
Stan Jorgenson in third showing us a teaser of his abs with his first (?) enduro podium ever, Darren Seeds proving that you can get fourth and still have no idea which side of the podium to stand on, and Alex McGuinnes in fifth demonstrating the Jim Karn approach to podiums. 
The fourth episode of the Devon Lyons show this year will be at the same Cold Creek/Thrilium venue on July 14th, and TEAM ROBOT predicts that several pro racers will leave Thrillium in body bags. TEAM ROBOT predicts that running a 300 person race down an overshooty jump trail with 40 foot tables at 45 mph with half lids and XC bikes will result in between 1-3 fatalities, but those are conservative numbers, because ROBOTS don’t make hasty estimates.  The real fatality number could be much higher.
Without a doubt, racing Thrillium was the most dangerous, scariest, gnarliest race I’ve ever done. Again, props to Slaven.
ROBOT out. 

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  1. Slaven doesn't have the course record, bro. I do. Strava. Iphone. KOM. No derailleur. I own this place

  2. Who is Jim Karn? Krunkshox is doing my podium performance. I only attend if I win. If I don't win, I claim I have to “Get back to Cali.” You know, to my job…

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