Aaron Chase rides Highland brakeless

I can’t embed this video right now, but check it out on vital when you get the chance.


Here’s what I learned from watching Aaron Chase take his brakes off and ride Hellion at Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire:
1. Math still works. I’ve only ridden Hellion once, and I never tried to ride it brakeless, but here are some quick numbers: 600 feet of elevation, 3 minutes and 30 second of trail, and 37 turns. Given those numbers and even a basic understanding of trail building and(or) mathematics would lead you to conclude that A) Hellion probably has the average gradient of a bowling lane, and B) yeah, not surprised it can be ridden brakeless. 
2. Aaron Chase still cannot scrub. 
3. Despite TEAM ROBOT’S best efforts to clarify the the term, internet caption writers still do not understand the word “scrub.”
4. If you want to keep those Red Bull paychecks coming long after you’ve ceased to be relevant, you’ve got to hustle. Also see: Brett Tippie, Jeff Lenosky, and of course, the once exciting but clearly past-their-prime Diamondback downhill riders Charlie  Sponsel and Kyle Thomas. 
5. Oh yeah,

and nice kit, One Industries. Solid. 

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