Industry banter

I wasn’t there, but here are some thoughts on the recent Oregon Enduro at Thrillium, from someone smarter than me:
I don’t think anyone died on Thrillium this weekend at OES but there was a ton of human shit in the woods near the parking area since they forgot to rent porta potties. I understand there was a professional DJ though so at least their priorities were straight. Enduro needs more DJ booths.
The list of curiosities about OES just keeps growing: making full face helmets mandatory a week before a race, not telling anyone about the discover pass requirement until 3 days before, 5-6 hour results delays, etc, etc. etc.
It’s like Devon is going out of his way to make everyone take a really expensive bite of his homemade shit sandwich.

That’s so enduro.

Everything about this video sucked.

5 thoughts on “Industry banter

  1. I believe Devon called the CDC promoters and asked them what worked really well at their Camas Enduro race two weeks earlier. Then he decided “Ok, let's not do any of that”. Thank God for the DJ. Without that it would have just been awkward. I really hope they can pull it together someday, but it seems like they've had enough “practice” at this point.

  2. i liked the video. enduro is so much better to watch than downhill because the racers are going slower so its easier to see how skilled they are. downhill is good too but it need lots of slow mo so you can see whats happening. also enduro needs full face helmets otherwise old people might start watching/ trying enduro because they might think its cross country.

  3. ^^^ that just means it's a shitty downhill trail. Surprise, the fastest time in the Tour is on a road bike.

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