7 thoughts on “New Poll

  1. they wont survive unless the CDC takes over. There first race was hands down better than the oregon series.

  2. im not endorsing this kickstarter thing in any way. but watch the vid charlie. as a leader in the mtb community its important that you have a positive influence on gender stereotypes. (this is a comment on the blog in general and not on this particular article.)


  3. ^BRO, slow your mind down to see the matrix. being a man isnt about maintaining an image of masculinity…whatever the fuck that means. most of us graduate high school and move out of our parents house where we learn how not to give a fuck. Its about striving for what you believe in and being a warrior.

  4. I think ultimately OES will pay for its many crimes against the robot nation. High entry fees, poor tools for the machines' upkeep, and of course, shit software upgrades are not acceptable placations as we approach the bot-pacalypse. perhaps the question is not whether it will survive, but what mutated hellspawn dares to take its place???

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