Five tens

If you have a pair of Five Tens that you call your “trail building shoes,” you’re an idiot.

“Oh, but they’re so grippy and stout.” Find me a single trail-building crew on the planet that chooses to wear Impacts or Freeriders or Spitfires over, I don’t know, hiking boots or work boots. And when I say “trail building crew” I don’t mean all your bros and you who built half a shitty “flow trail” one time five years ago.

I mean the prison-crew kind that lays down miles of single track a day waaaay out in the boonies, where every guy could rip your arms off and looks like Jesse Ventura or The Rock or Michael Clark Duncan from the Green Mile, where they have to forage for food and weather out lightning storms and fight off bears and mosquitos the size of baseballs everyday. AKA profoundly not you. Find me that trail crew that’s all “shah bro, Impacts are so practical.”

Your know what shoes make great “trail building shoes”?