The most anticipated World Cup round in a long time

If Sam Hill takes it, people will lose their minds. I’ll have to eat my words (again), because a few years back I predicted no one would ever win a World Cup on flat pedals going forward.

If Aaron Gwin wins, people will lose their minds, and a whole lot of people will have to eat their words.

It’s pretty rad that qualifying was on Friday, because now we get to sit around and guess. Racing is sweet.

The above video should also put a lot of things in perspective. If that video doesn’t clearly spell out the tension and conflict between building and riding “sustainable trail” versus building and riding trail that actually prepares you for World Cups or any serious races, you probably need a coloring book or an episode of Blue’s Clues to walk you through this dilemma.

Whenever you hear sustainability come up in trail building conversations, understand that sustainability will *almost* certainly come at the cost of fun. Not always, but almost always. Because as absolutely horrendous as that trail in France drains, everyone at the race seems to agree that it’s the best, funnest course in a long time. Nine times out of ten, people using the word sustainability will ruin fun and make horrible trail.