Van life: 5 day old update

Deer Valley to Moab to Taos. Angel Fire awaits. I rode a 29er today and it didn’t suck. Kinda.
Deer Valley, Utah. Some of the trails really suck, some of them suck a little less. The old NCS course is the one amazing trail there, and it’s still as real as it gets. Pure death the whole way down, the way downhill was meant to be before all the girls took over and paved everything. 
It was awesome, because we were there for an IMBA event, and all the crappy trails had horrible, awkward IMBA-spec 180 degree, 3-foot radius switchbacks every 10 seconds. I assume the IMBA people felt right at home. 

The dream of the nineties is alive in Moab. 

RV camouflage. 

Honda RN01 sighting in Taos. I thought they all got crushed, but Greg Minnaar won the World Cup at Angel Fire in ’05, so I guess the winning bike got left behind as a gift. Crazy. 


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  1. First you get the Juice –
    Then you get the Power –
    Then you get the Women………

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