Wilson crushes it

This screen capture is the best thing you’ll see all day, guaranteed:

If you don’t know who Jon Wilson is then kill yourself now. Other folks you may know who were at this race in 98 include Filip Polc, Vic Sandrin, Lee McCormack, Cam and Howie Zink. Wild. This is also proof positive that Vic did go to at least one of those really really old races he talks about all the time.

Read more and learn yourself up on Wilson here: http://ridetothehills.wordpress.com/history-mountain-bike-memories/

In 2008 TEAM ROBOT road tripped down to Angel Fire with the plan of camping at 9,000 feet. We brought one tent and no warm clothes and it was 25 degrees and snowed, so Wilson and Casey Coffman let us crash at their condo. Wilson was sitting on the couch flipping through channels with his shirt off and one hand just chilling in his pants, when he landed on the Disney Channel. We were all wiped from travel and practice and didn’t really give two shits what we were watching, so all five of us watched Hannah Montana for 30 seconds in complete silence, until Wilson shifted on the sofa and said, “man, this stuff makes me want to rape again.” Apparently my 19-year old self was so horrified and(or) confused that I just got up and walked upstairs in shocked silence. The point of that story is that Wilson is better than you and has been beating Mark Weir since before your balls dropped.

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