Mt. Bachelor Trike Park

Just saw a helmet cam of the new Bachelor Bike Park from my teammate Carson Storch. He lives down in Bend, so he’s a total loc. I recognize the grand opening of the Bike Park is more of a “soft launch,” and that the park only has a few trails right now, but I’m 90% confident I could ride this thing down the entire mountain.

Here are some quick Bachelor Bike Park stats:
Total run time: 8 minutes.
Average grade: 3%.
Average speed: 7 mph.
In a word: pinned.

I drew up a quick diagram to show what I think Bachelor Bike Park needs more of going forward:

Tell your congressional representative that Bachelor Bike Park needs more real trail and less yellow brick road.

2 thoughts on “Mt. Bachelor Trike Park

  1. You better hope that motherfuckin bumblebee ain't there too !! Or any of the other 2,000,000 insects that could be considered on the verge of extinction in th PNW

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