Everything about this video is perfect

From the ICP high-water pants/sleeveless combo, to his sweet old school visor-down Mace helmet, to the fact a guy named “Psycho” was riding a Norco model called “The Chaos,” this video is perfect. That gem of a song is from rap rock band Hollywood Undead, today’s torchbearer of the ICP flame, and it’s only fitting that this dude’s crew had some sort of music to set the tone for how heavy it was going to get when their main man dropped in on this 15-stair huck.

Hollywood Undead: everything that you loved about ICP, but more of it.

Psycho stomps that landing, and at the end of the day that $650 whip off craigslist just couldn’t handle the totality of how awesome he was. It may have taken him 3 minutes and a whole city block to get up to speed, but once he lands the awesome is immediate. He just drops that shit and lets the world know how real he is. So real.

Editor’s note: after watching this video for the 15th time I realized dudebro doesn’t even clear the stairs. And the Norco Chaos he’s on is from 2007. And when it was stock it looked like this:

Everything is so perfect. I can’t make this stuff up.

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