Great moments in trail building,23034/iceman2058,94

21 comments on vital, 254 comments on Pinkbike, and arguments of every sort. “There should have been a sign before the turn,” “American trails have way too many signs,” “Chatel has great trail building,” “It was terrible trail building,” “Lars voice over video was funny so clearly that means it’s racist…”

All sorts of stupid commentary from the internet peanut gallery. What no one has mentioned, until now, is that if ridden properly that trail at Chatel requires massive braking on a wooden bridge. You know what I love to do more than anything else? Massive braking on a wooden bridge.

Oh well at least it never rains in the Alps.

One thought on “Great moments in trail building

  1. This shit happens all the time. Whether it is skinny lines that Ryan Leech would have trouble riding, ie PostCanyon., – 0r 180 degree berms that go straight into an impossibly long double. Sometimes people build features they think are cool but really end up sucking

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